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I had a beautiful chart reading done by Kṣaṇāti of the Ksanati Jyotish Organization. Significant experience to say the least. Its hard to explain in a nebulous, dreamlike way... surreal and unearthly and at the same time deeply connected to my internal sense of Self. I feel touched in the places I usually feel neglected and understood in a way that allows me to adore my own expression of me. Has anyone ever spoken to you at the resonant frequency of your soul? On a practical level the reading was very focused and organized. There was detailed instruction at the beginning of the reading as to what would be covered in what order and that structure was adhered to from beginning to end as well as presented in a highly relatable, clear, conscience, friendly way. My astrologer took the time to really understand my reactions at intense points of the reading... we crossed into private territory and I always felt comfortable and encouraged even in those moments I wouldn't necessarily share with anyone for any reason. There was a truly useful, practical set of instructions pertaining to the elements of my individual chart and as someone who has studied Vedic Astrology independently, I personally recognize the authenticity and value of the information presented to me today. I can't say enough good things and could never do justice in words to the nature and reality of the experience. I am reminded of a quote by David Frawley, otherwise known as Vamadeva Shastri, who says, "Our relationship with the stars mirrors our relationship with the cosmos and shows the secrets of our psyche and our inner Self. Where astrology does not flourish the culture must be lacking in higher knowledge and without any real communication with the universe itself." I felt like the secrets of my psyche were beautifully reflected by the higher knowledge and universal communication of my astrologer today. I will always seek him out and consult him from now on and if you are seeking too, send him a message. It will change your life. Om Ganapati! Om Namah Shivaya! Om Shanti! - T. R. February 2016.

"Consulting with Ksanati is like chating to a friend who is caring, decent, good-natured, and knowledgeable. Ksanati is also very serious about what he does and about continue learning Vedic astrology. In this day and age when astrological study is often about chasing fads and coming up with new and flashy theories, Ksanati's deep commitment to approaching astrology from the perspective of traditional Vedic culture is refreshing, and is a testimony to his character as a patient and respectful person." - W.L. Fall 2017

"Ksanati was brilliant and couldn't have been more accurate with the reading when it came to my current and past habits, behaviours and mentalities which gives me great comfort that what he read about my future is also true. He has been efficient, helpful and really smiley. I highly, highly recommend him to anyone looking for a reading."  - A. G. Spring 2016

I first learned of Kṣaṇāti through his YouTube presentation on Astrocartography. He explained that this method helps us to locate the best places that will yield financial prosperity, career opportunity, and relationship success. I quickly observed that Kṣaṇāti has an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge of Vedic Astrology. After listening to his lectures, I contacted Kṣaṇāti to schedule a natal birth chart reading. I was surprised at how accurate Kṣaṇāti was in pinpointing my core nature. He also helped me to learn more about my four aims during this lifetime. It was helpful to hear from his perspective about my soul’s purpose and how to improve my relationships with key planets. Kṣaṇāti offered many recommendations on how to do this, including the use of gemstones. I contacted Kṣaṇāti again to schedule a follow-up Astrocartography reading. He provided an in-depth analysis of geographic locations that would enhance my career and relationship success. He also explained how certain locations are considered inauspicious and advised on precautions to take during travels. It was very interesting to learn of places where I would prosper. After careful consideration, I enlisted Kṣaṇāti’s assistance with obtaining gemstones that would strengthen my relationships with certain planets. He provided options for these and suggested a set that was within my budget. He coordinated the sale with his supplier and set up the pendant design with his craftsman. He explained that the gemstones are ethically sourced and kept me updated during all phases of the purchase. I am very satisfied with the customized pendant that was made for me. I have been wearing the gemstones for several months and have noticed several improvements. I consider Kṣaṇāti to be an exceptional astrologer, teacher, and oracle. His services have helped me to gain clarity about my past, present, and future opportunities. He structures his readings around what I would like to know and learn. He does not shy away from sensitive issues and conveys compassion when sharing his insights. He has remarkable skills and I strongly recommend his services. I also recommend viewing his various presentations which are available on Saptarishis’ YouTube channel.

- T.S. September 2017

I loved my reading with Ksanati today. Many long standing disturbances were demystified as Ksanati went slowly and thoroughly through my chart. I was left with a deeper understanding of my higher purpose. I was given practices and other suggestions to support me through my karmic lessons and struggles and to also strengthen my gifts.
I'm thankful for finding Ksanati through a friend of mine.
I highly recommend a reading if you want to go deeper and connect with your purpose and connect with understanding the forces that can work for you to enjoy the most beautiful life. Ksanati is very professional and explains everything he is doing and welcomes questions and meaningful conversation.
I highly recommend a reading especially if you want to understand yourself. Namaste! - D. L. February 2017.

“I highly recommend Ksanati. I have had three readings with him. He has a deep reverence for Jyotish astrology  and is very knowledgeable about it. His readings have shed a lot of light on my past and I feel equipped with  practical tools to help me navigate the future. I plan on consulting with him again and am grateful there is someone like him who is so authentic.”- L. S. March 2018

he stars have aligned and so did my astrocartography reading i had with Ksanati. Ive had readings from a handful of well known astrologers to name a few (Joni Patry/Kapiel Raaj) and Ksanati is just as knowledgeable but adding his own burst of passion on thee reading makes for a must have session with Ksanati. He was accurate on pin pointing key factors in my chart that is true in my life. It all resonated. The info on the astrocartography was enlightening and useful. Aloha & Thank YOU Ksanati! - C. M. April 2017.

Ksanati's readings have been a true gift to me! Overall, the sessions have given me an understanding of my gifts and challenges so that I can see more clearly the path ahead. His depth, dedication and knowledge of his craft and his deep intuitive guidance through my chart has helped me tremendously to identify blocks that were unseen to be before, to understand that all is perfect and well and to help me move past the sense of limitation, failure and lack of clarity that I had been dealing with. It is also such a relief to know why these things arise and to have a road map for the future. There is so much that can be seen and read in Vedic Astrology chart and so his ability to listen and hold space to guide me to what is most pertinent right now is so appreciated. What is also great is that he was able to give me actions to take to help balance the difficulties in my chart. I am especially grateful that he is a trustworthy source for gemstones to wear for this. I have learned a lot and feel empowered with the knowledge of who I am. Super Awesome! Thank you Ksanati! - B. D. May 2016.

To all that has met Ksanati it is very evident he has found his calling, positive yet discerning and full of intention. His ability to curate the planetary movements and shifts is amazing. I met Shane in Peru and we instantly became connected allowing a free flow of energy and introspective gifts. I feel very fortunate to have met a friend, a new brother and an extremely talented Vedic Astrologer. Ksanati helped me open my doors of self discovery even further, i am still processing and integrating this new enlightenments. If you are the least bit curious where you fit into the Universe ( our one version ) i highly recommend Ksanati to help you along your journey. Not to mention he is a beautiful chanter!!

Much Love Rahu Brother. - G. L. Nov 2016. 

"Ksanati provided me with a most excellent reading, advice and recommendations. The planets present at my Birth were revealed and the full moon which I always felt a connection with . I always did feel that fire was my element. I learned about the demon Rahu and how to assuage that force. I was given some awesome mantras and yantra to work with Jupiter. I do these on Thursdays along with yoga sutra readings in sanskrit. This reading made me think and realize more about my existence, consider the future and reflect on my past and has helped me in a very positive way. Highly recommended" - J. R. April 2016

"This was a very eye-opening and life-affirming experience for me. The combination of Ksanati's knowledge, relaxed, comfortable manner and discursive style helped the reading flow smoothly and ensured a beginner like me understood everything. Moreover, the points we discussed all resonated strongly with my personal life experience and even helped open new doors of understanding. Highly recommended if you're even slightly curious." - E. K. A-F. January 2016

"Ksanati is truly a gift to this world. The jyotish reading I had with him shined so much light on my current situation and guidance for my path ahead. Speaking with him is like speaking with an old friend who knows all of your deepest darkest secrets. After the reading I felt much more grounded and ready to take on what lies ahead. I highly recommended his services to any living being! Thank you for your gift Shane!
Guru ommmmmm" - K.S. 2015

"Wow! So amazing and clarifying. I had never met with an astrologer before so I wasn't sure what to expect, and I questioned why I even wanted to do it. Somehow it just felt right though, and then when we started our session, I was blown away almost immediately. It was pure kismet that Ksanati came into my life now. The reading helped me feel so empowered in my life and choices right away, and validated, and excited and clear about my future. I can't recommend his work highly enough!" - M. M. 2015

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