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Traditional Vedic Astrology Services 
(Am now accepting payments via Cryptocurrency, in addition to Paypal, please email for Crypto payment)

TO BOOK READING: Please Select One of Yellow Book Consultation Buttons or Email with Desired Consultation Time (60/90/120 Minute) and Full Name, Birth Time, Birth Country, Birth City, Birth Date (Month/Day/Year), and Current City. Directly After Booking Confirmation or Consultation Request is Received, We Will Confirm and Finalize The Appointment Time. Refund/Cancellation Policy Up to 7 Days post Booking

Consultation Options:

  • Traditional Vedic Astrology Consult

  • Vedic Astro Cartography Consult

  • Medical Vedic Astrology Consult

  • Vedic Compatibility Analysis

  • Soul Cycle Analysis

  • Annual Return Consult

  • Financial Vedic Astrology Consult

  • Career Consult

  • Follow Up Consult

Consultation Lengths/Pricing:

120 Minute Consultation ($378)

90 Minute Consultation ($324)

60 Minute Consultation ($270)

Vedic Astrologer Certification Program:

12 Class Semester ($2592)


*All Rates Includes Live 1 on 1 Audio or Video Consult of The Live Reading and a High Quality Downloadable Digital MP3 Recording of Reading


*All Rates Include Pre Reading Materials Such as Vedic Birth Chart, Nakshatra Positions, Planetary Periods, and Planetary Dignities.


*All Rates Include Post Reading Planetary Materials Such As Mantra's, Yantra's, Links, Recording, and Videos.



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