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Jyotish is The Ancient Vedic System of Astrology.

This is The Official Website for Kṣaṇāti Jyotish. 

क्षणाति Kṣaṇāti

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Tel: 610-888-1564

Youtube: Ksanati Jyotish

Facebook: Ksanati Jyotish

Jyotish is The Ancient Vedic Science of Astrology. The Vedic Astrology Chart Shows Our Life’s Karma and Our Ability To Achieve The Vedic Four Aims of Life: Dharma (Destiny), Artha (Prosperity) , Kama (Fulfillment of Desire) , and Moksha (Liberation). Jyotish Readings are Built to Serve All These Aims which Reveal Our Soul’s Karma as Relates to Purpose, Destiny, Prosperity, Success, Security, Love, Family, Spirituality, Enlightenment, and Liberation.

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